Developing the Next Generation of Horsemen

The Professional Horseman's School provides students with access to the essential knowledge, resources and support to excel as a Professional Horseman in today's marketplace. The PHS Curriculum does not restrict students into adopting one single style or method of working with horses, riders, or in business. Students are supported in using the practical, proven experience and science-based best practices taught to develop their own individualized skillsets that every Professional must have to have to build a successful career.

Two Pathways to Excellence

Become an

Accredited Trainer

Accredited Trainers are trusted professionals that have successfully completed, tested and proven their knowledge, skills, and excellence in the PHS Core-5 Courses and required Fieldwork.

Certified Professional Horseman

Those who have earned the title of Certified Professional Horsemen are First-Class Professionals that have proven their in-depth capabilities in high-quality horsemanship and pursuit of mastery as a horseman by successfully completed the required PHS Specialty Courses.

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